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Collaborator, Introducing Homeopathy the film
Founder, Bay Area Homeopathy Association

President, California Homeopathic Medical Society
Homeopath Advisor/ Ambassador, Integrative Healers Action Network 
Certified Classical Homeopath, Council for Homeopathic Certification
Associate, East-West Integrative Medicine
Professional Member, National Center for Homeopathy
Professional Homeopathic Mentor, Trinity Health Hub


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homeopathy for hormonal imbalance - PMS, menopause, perimenopause, infertility


"I feel so grateful to have found a homeopath like Kathleen when I was working through some fertility challenges. Of course I had had a regular cycle all my life, until the year we wanted to start trying to have a baby. I had recently been through a lot of stress and trauma after an unexpected illness and death in my family, and it was clearly impacting my overall health and wellness. I didn't want to resort to a hormonal treatment, without trying something natural first.

I loved Kathleen's holistic approach and recognition of the fact that I had to work through some layers of emotional stress to get back on track. I saw her every 3-5 weeks for a few months, and her sessions were almost therapy-like. I always felt better and appreciated Kathleen's calm confidence -- she is truly compassionate and reassuring. Within the first couple months, my cycle shortened from something like ~120 days down to ~45 days -- amazing! I'm sure it would have gone totally back to normal, but we got pregnant that month :)

If I have any issues post-pregnancy, I will definitely be back to Kathleen. I'm also looking forward to taking some of her self-care classes and learning natural remedies for things like first aid and common childhood ailments."


"Kathleen has been able to help me with the symptoms of PMS and peri-menopause that have been affecting my daily life. She is a good listener and I'm happy to have her as my homeopath, especially fortunate that she is only four blocks away from my house!" -Martha


"After receiving treatment from my homeopathic practitioner, many of the symptoms of my condition have improved or gone away." -Joan


"I've been seeing Kathleen now for almost a year, and I feel I have progressed through my health concerns very well.  Working on my menopausal symptoms, my whole system has been treated with several remedies.  During my time with her, my physical, emotional and mental states have greatly improved and expanded positively.  I believe working with her has improved my overall health, mental outlook and attitude, and thus my ability to function more fully.   
She's a great listener, is methodical, caring and clearly interested in examining and carefully considering her knowledge base as she evaluates a current state I present her with.  
I really recommend her as a homeopath."
 — Gabrielle



homeopathy for anxiety and depression


"Kathleen was excellent!  Attentive, thoughtful, analytical. I was initially very skeptical of homeopathy.   Even now, I am still quite skeptical...yet if I ran into health problems, I would go see her again.  Every visit to Kathleen was worthwhile. Her office is clean and welcoming, and I felt very at home there. I felt safe talking to her about personal issues, and she asked really good questions.  I never felt rushed. I always left feeling great, even before the remedy, because (though not certified in this capacity) she is also a talented therapist.  When a remedy seemed to show progress in some areas but not others, she tried a new remedy to address remaining symptoms or concerns. She was easy to reach and encouraged check ins between visits, to help me monitor my progress better. I have struggled with regular anxiety and occasional depression for over a decade. In concert with other strategies (exercise, therapy, reflection, etc), Kathleen helped me to navigate my way from one of my lowest points to one of my highest.  Since last seeing her several months ago, my anxiety and depression have been consistently at bay or easier to address, and I feel stronger and happier than I have in years. More importantly, I feel capable of maintaining this state of mind. When a friend was struggling with similar symptoms in Canada, I recommended she reach out to Kathleen remotely, because I think she's just that good." — Alison


“I don’t seem to suffer from the anxiety surrounding most things anymore. I feel more confident, and balanced than I was when I met you. Some relationship issues still persist, but I am also more steady in my flow with them and am strong enough to finally stay tuned into my life instead of others and their drama. I spend a lot of time alone, reading, studying, walking, and thinking... The service you offer is most incredible and complex, I have a great deal of respect for the amount of time and energy/desire it took for you to study and now, professionally serve the community. I sincerely thought your style and level of standard was fantastic.”— Diana


"I have used homeopathy as needed for several years and still find it superior to medication!! I am so thankful for the thoughtful, thorough and amazingly spot on care I have received!" -Megan



homeopathy for arthritis, back pain/homeopathy for adhd


"I have believed in homeopathic medicine for some time although had difficulty finding a compassionate, reliable practioner.  My dad who is 95 years old  (although, has always been very active) was told by an orthopedic physician that he had enough arthritis for three people in his back and other than pain medicine there is nothing they could do for him.  He got to the point of not being able to sleep in his bed due to the pain and difficulty of getting up.  He consulted with Kathleen and continues to follow up with her.  He is now back to his active self and enjoying life!! I then contacted Kathleen for my own issues and was quickly relieved of my symptoms. Kathleen did the intake by telephone (I live on the east coast) and took into consideration all my health history. I have not felt better in years. I'm an elementary school counselor and I started sharing my experiences in working with Kathleen.  I have seen her intuition, compassion and knowledge help so many people (and dogs).  I am so grateful to have Kathleen to refer people to.  She is now on the top of my referral list.  She has made a huge impact with students I work with who are struggling with behavioral and social issues as well.  I highly recommend Kathleen to anyone.  She is up front and honest about what and how her remedies will help."

— Cate



homeopathy for skin issues - tinea versicolor, acne rosacea and eczema


“i have been recommending kathleen to everyone i know - my family and all of my friends - since beginning treatment with her. i am absolutely amazed at how completely and quickly my issue was resolved while working with kathleen.

i had a rash on my stomach that had persisted for more than 5 years - my md said that it was chronic and would simply return if treated (which is exactly what happened when i took a course of medication for it prescribed by my md, twice). my md insisted that i was in stellar health, and should just let the rash be, since it wasn't harming me in any serious way. but i couldn't help but wonder 'if my health were truly wonderful, would i have this chronic rash? i don't think so.'

i am so glad that a friend highly recommended kathleen to me - after 5 years, the rash went away almost completely within a week of treatment and did not return. i was - and remain - shocked.

my overall health and emotional wellbeing is so very improved, i can't begin to explain it in a review. moving forward, i will consult kathleen for any ailment i have. she is a very gifted practitioner."

— Diana


Kathleen is a true healer. You can feel the energy when you are in the same room with her. I started a remedy four months ago for Rosacea and blepharitis, both of which are now almost completely gone. The remedy is truly holistic and since taking it I have a more balanced approach to life, no longer being driven by addictions and obsessions. I also experienced improved physical symmetry, no more joint stiffness during the day, and a stitch in my side has disappeared. Rosacea seems to have been an indicator of other issues.  I have seen very favorable developments in mood and Life-coping.  The rosacea is under control."  — Elaine


Eczema went from bad to very good, and well being from neutral to very good, before and after homeopathic treatment (self-rated feedback form)

— Gabriela 



homeopathy for insomnia, chronic fatigue, emotional support


“I have been seeing Kathleen for the past 2+ years for a variety of health issues including weight loss, low energy, and other chronic issues. I have found homeopathy to be a great complement to western medicine. The effects are gentle, safe, and long-lasting. Even better, Kathleen is what every health care provider would be in a perfect world: attentive, caring, skilled and super smart. She’s a true healer in the best sense.”

— Rudy


“I came to Kathleen worried that my general health was not good and that some family issues were going to pop up now that I am a bit older. Her thorough evaluation and in turn formula has helped me feel better and stronger and clearer regarding the emotional issues that are linked with our health. She is a healer and we are very lucky to have her.”— Darcy



homeopathy for post-surgery healing


"My name is Tiffany and I have an abnormal genetic problem with my pancreas. My diagnosis is pancreas divisum, the conditions coming with this are severe pain, nausea, major over all flu like symptoms, weakness, and for me, every 5 months a pancreas drainage in the hospital where I am admitted for a 4 day stent with no food or water. Needless to say, it is a complex illness. Since meeting with Kathleen, I have found that my foggy head that comes along with the pancreas illness has become more clear, she offers me remedies to help with my flare ups, as well as offers me supplemental remedies to take post surgery. My recovery from surgery can take up to 2 months with my being very, very, very ill. I lose 10+ lbs each time I go in as I am to able to eat for that period until my pancreatitis goes away. Anyway, I have chronic, and acute pancreatitis, and I have seen every guru on the planet. Kathleen and her fine skills with homeopathy have helped me with pancreas attacks, mental clarity, and surgery recovery. When I take her remedies post surgery, I have found my recovery time to go from average of 4 weeks down to 1-2 weeks. That is quite impressive. I Have had this surgery 17 times, so I am aware of the difference incorporating her skills into my life is. It isn't a fluke, there is proven evidence of her helping me recover, and I have also seen other homeopathic doctors. Kathleen Scheible is the best I have seen, and I am happy that she is able to help me. I have a complex illness with a very poor potential outcome, yet with her work, it helps make my quality of life so much better."— Tiffany


“Kathleen is an outstanding practitioner, extremely knowledgeable, patient, personable, and empathic - a combination that’s really tough to find in the city. Her intake sessions are thorough and surprisingly therapeutic, and the remedy she prescribed for me was dead-on. There were shifts not just in my physical constitution, but in my mental and emotional clarity as well, and these have continued since. She went over and above the call of duty when I had to undergo spine surgery a few months ago, sending me special remedies to help with the invasiveness and trauma of the procedure, and I truly think that my recovery was hastened as a result of her help. I would unreservedly recommend Kathleen and her services.”— Maya



homeopathy for metabolic syndrome, side-effects of conventional drugs


“Kathleen is very skilled in her practice of homeopathy. She has treated me successfully for a long standing carbohydrate imbalance and severe itching—all with out dangerous drugs. As a result I am much better and nearly recovered. Subsequently I referred my mother-in-law and a friend. Both had ailments that were left untreated by two prominent conventional allopathic institutions, i.e., Kaiser and UCSF Medical Center. Considering the nature of my problems, my mother-in-law’s and my friend’s back ache, it is nothing short of a miracle what Kathleen has been able to do for us.”

— Paige

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