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COMPLETE CARE is the classical homeopathy approach, as homeopathy was developed. 


I will recommend one homeopathic remedy for you, as a person.

Based on your current symptoms or collection of chronic conditions and intermittent health issues, your health history, any past events related to your health and well-being, and your family health history. The remedy helps to nudge your body/ mind/ spirit back into balance. When this happens, your body knows how to maintain homeostasis, and no longer needs a nudge (remedy), given you have enough support for health with reasonably healthy diet, exercise, and environment.

This kind of holistic, personalized homeopathic treatment can reduce the impact of, reduce symptoms, or reduce susceptibility to a great many conditions.  

Examples are:


Anxiety, depression, chronic health issues due to any kind of trauma


Hormonal disruption including that which contributes to infertility and painful periods

OCD, ADD & ADHD and associated symptoms of impulsivity and lack of focus

Chronic eczema or psoriasis, and stress-induced symptoms such as anxiety


Chronic digestive issues such as IBS

Musculoskeletal and back pain


Lasting symptoms after any viral illness

The Complete Care Intake appointment is 60 minutes

I will then recommend and provide (if in stock) a homeopathic remedy and instructions. You may need only one or two doses of the remedy in the first week.  We will have a quick phone check-in call (10 minutes) about a week after you begin the remedy which is included in the cost of the intake appointment.  This is when I assess whether the remedy is a good match for you to start with based on your first response, and whether you may need to repeat it before the first month follow up appointment, and if so, how often. We may need to check in (10 minute call for feedback) again in the first month, before your follow up appointment. If so, then this additional call/s are included in your intake fee.

Complete Care Intake Appointment Fees: $325 

Includes one (or more if indicated) 10 minute calls in the first month.

Remedy cost is not included, typical cost is $15. Additional $15 mailing fee may apply for non-local clients.

An Intensive Intake allows an additional half an hour intake appointment if you have more than one chronic illness (with developed pathology) and/or are on more than one pharmaceutical, as this can complicate the case.  Please check with me first if you are not sure if you need the Intensive appointment - most people do not. This is a private service, please let me know if you would like to book it.

FOLLOW UP  continuation of care

The first follow up appointment (45 minutes, in person or telehealth) about 4 weeks after you begin homeopathic treatment.  

This is the appropriate time frame, about a month after your intake, to assess the action of the remedy. We objectively compare how you are in all areas of your health and well being to before the homeopathic remedy.  

You may or may not need another dose of the remedy, or a different remedy.

Follow Up Homeopathic Appointment Fee: $145

Remedy cost is typically another $15.

Includes a 10 minute call one to two weeks afterward, if the remedy or potency has changed or if otherwise requested.


If you have not been in to see me in ~6 weeks or more, and your health picture has changed significantly, I recommend booking an Intensive Follow Up Appointment, for 60 minutes ($180).


ACUTE CARE is to help resolve the pain or discomfort associated with one short-term self-limiting condition (after medical diagnosis and/or appropriate treatment).  A remedy is selected only based on your current symptoms, and so can help resolve it but not prevent it from re-occurring as in Complete Care.  I also offer self-care classes to empower people to learn to use homeopathic remedies for these self-limiting conditions at home, as most of my practice is providing more comprehensive care (classical homeopathy).  

Fee: $110

Includes 10 minute calls in the first one to two weeks, to check on your progress.

Remedy is additional $15 per remedy. Mailing fee of $15 may apply.

Acute care examples:


Injuries - remedies to help speed healing from acute

- Sprains

- Back injuries/ pain

- Concussion

- Broken bones

- Torn or inflamed tendons and ligaments

- Bursitis

- Carpal tunnel and other repetitive stress injuries

- Burns


Colds & Flu, Cough, Sore throat, Food poisoning, Ear aches, Sinusitis

If you have developed chronic symptoms after a virus/es, a Complete Care Intake is more appropriate for you.


- Teething pain and insomnia

- Colic


Pregnancy and Post-partum

- Morning sickness and nausea

- Itching skin during pregnancy

- Sore back and joints

- Pre and post-partum remedies to prevent soreness and trauma

- Mastitis


Headache/ Migraines


Travel sickness

- Motion sickness

- Jet lag

- Digestive upset or constipation


Dental pain


Pre and post surgery

- Soreness

- Nausea or negative effects from anesthesia

- Speed healing of tissues, incisions




In-person, Phone, video or email appointments available at this time.  I will select a homeopathic remedy for your pet based on current symptoms.  I have helped dogs, cats, and rabbits overcome symptoms associated with diabetes or UTIs, stress-induced behaviors such as obsessive licking of fur, skin eruptions, gastrointestinal distress due to various causes, antibiotic-induced illness (GI and lethargy), and more.  

NOTE: THESE APPOINTMENTS WILL BE AT AN ALTERNATE BERNAL OFFICE LOCATION, as animals are not permitted at 406 Cortland Integrative Medical Clinic.

Fee: $125

Includes one (or more if indicated) 10 minute calls in the first month. Remedy is additional $15. Mailing fee of $15 may apply.


What is Homeopathy?


Homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine in the world, according the WHO.

Homeopathy is an over 200 year old system of medicine, which utilizes very small amounts of natural substances (homeopathic remedies, manufactured in a homeopathic pharmacy) to stimulate a healing response in the person, bringing about healing on a deep level.  

The remedies are made from natural substances, but are prepared in a very specific way in an FDA regulated pharmacy.  These are ultra-highly-diluted substances are given according to homeopathic principles. This is known as “like cures like” and it was a principle first discovered by Hippocrates much earlier than homeopathy was developed.

Modern research confirms the efficacy of homeopathy beyond the placebo effect.


For more information about homeopathy including the latest research, please spend some time on the National Center for Homeopathy website:

For more in-depth and comprehensive information on homeopathic research, I recommend the Homeopathic Research Institute in the UK:

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