"My overall health and emotional wellbeing is so very improved, I can't begin to explain it in a review. Moving forward, I will consult Kathleen for any ailment I have. She is a very gifted practitioner."
M, W, F     10:00am - 6pm

Please fill out the Bernal Homeopathy combined Intake and Disclosure form online prior to coming to your first appointment.

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To Request a talk at your public or private location, contact Kathleen



Recent Past


Homeopathy: Nature's Original Nanomedicine with Sandi Kaplan & Kathleen Scheible

April 27th, 2020

 The Queer Spirit Podcast

Homeopathic Support

for Cold & Flu Season

Sunday, November 11th 

11am - noon

Hosted by Pilates Heights Wellness Workshops

Cortland Avenue in Bernal Heights



It's Up to Us to Create Solutions

1M: A Homeopath's Podcast



February 12, 2019

National Center for Homeopathy Members Webinar

California Camp Fire Volunteer Homeopaths + Integrative Healer's Action Network

May 19th, 2019

Panelist Presenter, California Homeopathic Medical Society Annual Conference

Homeopathy for Mental Health in the Aftermath of the Camp Fire

Free Homeopathy Clinic For Seniors

Free homeopathic care for senior citizens, no ID required, all are welcome) twice monthly at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, 515 Cortland Avenue in San Francisco.

Homeopathic remedies included, complements of Hahnemann Laboratories in San Rafael.



First come first serve

Sign up sheet

9 - 11 am

Kathleen has offered this as a means of giving back to her neighborhood since spring of 2011, and has helped many seniors with arthritis, digestive issues, headaches, insomnia, and more. 

Due to Covid-19 and shelter in place order in San Francisco, the consultations have gone virtual. You can call 415-647-7919 during regular clinic hours. Remedies delivered to seniors free of charge.


Free* Homeopathy Clinic at Community Well

Beginning January, 2020

1st & 3rd Tuesdays

Walk-Ins, First come first serve

Online sign up 

10am - 1pm 

Walk-ins please arrive by 12:15 pm at the latest.

Currently Telehealth (video or phone) only during COVID-19 shelter in place order


Kathleen Scheible, CCH &

Mary Johnston, CCH (bilingual, fluent in Spanish)


At Community Well in the Excelsior district,

78 Ocean Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94112

Homeopathic remedies included, complements of Hahnemann Laboratories in San Rafael.


*Part of the H3: “Happy, Healing, & Healthy” Program

This program is made possible with funding from the SF Sugary Drinks Distributor Tax Community Funds.



I generally return calls or emails within one business day.  

I do not answer emails, texts or phone calls Saturdays after 1pm, or Sundays, or when on holiday.


To schedule my time for your homeopathic care, please make an appointment.

You can book an appointment by phone or online.

If you would like a same-day appointment, please call for availability (online system does not allow same-day appointments).


Video, phone or in-person appointments are available.


If I have agreed to consult with you about your care by email or otherwise outside of an appointment, applicable fees will apply to the time I spend in doing so.  However, I can not respond immediately to emails.  The best way to ensure consultation with me is to make an appointment, even if you just would like a complementary 10 minute call for clarifying questions, etc.


I ask that you pay 50% of my fee if you cancel your appointment:

For weekday appointments - within 24 hours

For Saturday appointments - within 48 hours


Fees are subject to change at any time.

All fees except short phone consult include the cost of one homeopathic remedy. Payment due at time of service. I accept cash, check or credit card.

All Intakes are donation-based for those more medically vulnerable to COVID-19 until further notice

Regular Intake Appointment           $285

 Intensive Intake Fee*                       $350

Intake Fee Kids Under 5yrs             $185

Focused Intake Appointment**        $150

Follow Up Appointments                 $125

Intensive Follow Up                         $150

(>6 weeks interval or at your discretion)

Acute Care (self-limiting condition)  $85

20 minute phone consult (remedy not included)  $70

* Appropriate if you have two or more serious chronic health conditions, known fertility problem, or taking two or more pharmaceuticals regularly.  This includes anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, statins, anti-psychotics, taking cortisone shots for systemic conditions, ADHD drugs, etc. 

** Intake appointment focused on a single complaint.  Appropriate if you have no other chronic health conditions.  Any age. Examples:  Acne, arthritis (not RA), hayfever/allergies, itching during pregnancy, lingering cold/cough, herpes, bloating/indigestion, headaches and other self-limiting conditions.

I do not sell homeopathic remedies. However, if we determine through our work together that you need to continue a particular remedy and need a refill without a consultation, I will charge for that remedy, according to cost ($10 liquid, $10 - $50 for various other potencies and quantities).

Mailing fee of $10 which includes U.S. Postal Service package postage cost. If you require expedited or other shipping or international shipping, additional charges apply.




406 Cortland waiting room